Friday, August 22, 2008

7 Facts About Joshua

CancunCanuck unofficially tagged me with facts about my kids. Here are seven facts about Joshua, my oldest son that you probably do not know.

1. Joshua is an Aries child, his birthday is on April 9th. He is my first born son. He is the silent, quiet, artistic type. He was not always that way. When he was two he was kicked out of daycare for being to "independent." Joshua loves to draw, try playing different instruments and read books. He drives one of our trucks all summer, working 14 hour days at times. Not bad work ethic for a 20 year old.

2. When Joshua was 3 years old he was obsessed with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." He would study every man hold cover and say, "Mom, there are Ninja Turtles down there." He hoped that when his little brother was born that he would be a Ninja Turtle. Needless to say, when he came to visit him in the hospital he said with a little disappointment in his voice, "OHHHH, it's a baby?!?"

3. Joshua says he is never getting married and never having kids. I think he was tramatized on the school bus in high school by little kids. He says that if a doctor would do a vasectomy on him now he would do it. Told him I would sue the doctor. (He's only 20 and I want grandkids some day)

4. He loves chinese food. The chinese restaurant knows him by name and order. I'm only known there as Joshua's Mom.

5. He loves swords, knives and dragons. He just ordered a violin off ebay because it had a dragon scroll on it. The violin is suppose to come via UPS today. He says he is going to teach himself to play. I really hope he sticks with it.

6. He would live in the mountains as a hermit if he could have Mountain Dew delivered on a daily basis, electricity for his computer games and cell phone coverage to call his cousin.

7. His eyes are as blue as the Ocean. He gets them from his biological father, who died when Joshua was six years old.
Joshua on left, My Great Niece in the middle and me on the right. We were comparing eye color.


carl/debbie said...

i wish you had sound on your blog. I know that baby makes cool sounds.
ya got a good kid Brenda. and 3sets of great eyeballs:-))

CancunCanuck said...

Yay, thanks so much for sharing your son with us! I love the pic of the three of you, LOVELY eyes! It cracks me up that he bought a violin because of the dragon, sounds like something my brother would do. If he doesn't learn the violin, at least he'll have a groovy wall decoration.

You sound like a rightly proud mom, the two of you are very lucky. :)

1st Mate said...

My boy is an Aries too (4/13), big and husky like yours, and also swears he'll never get married or have kids. I may have to take him seriously on that, considering he's 40. He does have a live-in girlfriend, but she's already been through the kid-raising routine. Sigh... Anyway, your Joshua is quite a hunk, muy guapo, and I know you're very proud of him. And your niece is a doll (I didn't get any of those, either--my sis made the same vow)