Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Off to Peru

No, not me, but my little boy!! I dropped our youngest son, Jeremy, off at the church at 3am this morning for a missions trip to Cusco, Peru. I, mom, had to fight back the tears, as I watched my 16 year old little boy (5'9" Not so little) go with our church group to Peru.
Today I am a proud, but nervous, mom!! Their flight schedule has them changing planes four times and some are less than one hour lay overs. I pray they have a safe journey and make a difference to the people of Peru.

Jeremy is the one standing in the back right hand side. His head is the tallest one in the picture.

Jeremy and mom (me) after church last Sunday.

Jeremy and his grandpa (my daddy). Grandpa is helping him learn how to tie a windsor knot in his ties.


Babs said...

Ah Brenda - it will change his life forever! My son at 16 went to France and he has been a traveler ever since - he's the "gypsy kid" that I write about in the blog. I had no idea when he went at 16 that it would change him and his life - all for the better!
Can't wait to hear his stories when he returns........

Anonymous said...

Brenda, That is so great. Your son will come home a different man. Yes, man not boy.

Ann said...

Hope your son has a very fulfilling time & takes lots of pitures. I have a friend who went there last year & she came home with amazing shots. Will they be going to Macchu Picu?

Islaholic Trixie said...

Thanks all for your comments. I will have Jeremy share a mini trip report via my blog after he returns.