Friday, August 1, 2008

The Sunrise After the Storm

Yesterday my youngest son and I sat in the living room and watched a huge Thunderstorm pass just to the South of us. We weren't sure if it was going to hit us or not, but prepared by unplugging all the computers and rubbing the dog down with bounce. Yes, we have learned that she stays calmer from the electrostatic shocks of lightning if we rub her down with bounce.
Here is the huge thunderheads we watched pass by from our living room.
We don't have a basement so we were prepared to take cover in our Master Bedroom closet, being that it is in the middle of the house. There had been some tornado warnings and high winds, over 70 MPH, in the area.
Luckily, all passed to the South and we ended up with just a little rain.
This morning, I woke up to this:

Off to try and get the little chipmunk rodent that is lurking in the laundry room of the rental property!! (No, I have not caught him yet) The least he could do is my laundry for his free stay!!!


Steve Cotton said...

Great weather pictures. Good luck with capturing Chip -- or Dale -- whichever it is.

CancunCanuck said...

Great photos, what a lovely spot you've got! Good luck with the pesky critters. :)

Islagringo said...

No basement? Not even a storm cellar? Get Biggy to build you one ASAP! Don't think a closet is going to save you from a tornado.