Saturday, May 17, 2008

To Be Young Again

My baby went to Prom for the first time this year. He is only in 10th grade, but he's dating an older woman!! Oh did that bring back memories, except I always dated older guys.
Back to my baby. He is so not like his mom at that age. He's level headed, doesn't drink, smoke and is going on a missions trip to Peru this August. I am really proud of him.
The kids didn't want to spend massive amounts of money going out to eat for Prom so Jeremy's girlfriend's parents hosted a dinner for 15 kids. I went and helped and brought some food to help out. They also did not buy corsages for eachother.
We bought Jeremy a suit instead of renting a tux. He was needing one anyway. His girlfriend bought him his tie to match her dress. (She is now holding the tie hostage, so he doesn't break up with her, I think, but what do I know)
Jeremy and C
Prom 2008
Jeremy Showing off the whole suit
Jeremy Stylin Prom 2008
Jeremy and his two close buddies since sixth grade when he changed to this school
Lucas Nick Jeremy Prom 2008

Friday, May 16, 2008

Neighborhood Visitors

I'm having a touch of insomnia. Good time to update my blog. (Been up since 3am)
Yesterday was a busy day. I started by picking up the house, doing massive amounts of laundry, finishing a workmans comp audit, giving an eviction notice to one of our renters, checking on the concrete guys finishing the outside concrete on my "now sold" model home and general errands.
As I was doing my cardio workout by running up and down the stairs for the gazillionth (is that a word?) time, I spotted a few visitors in the yard. Thank goodness I had my clothes on. Wouldn't want to scare any visitors off. They should have called first.
First these three came walking by
Turkey's in Yard
Then the big guy pulled up the rear strutting his stuff
Tom Turkey
This is the part of the living in the country that I really love. Plus being able to run around the house naked...when I'm home alone!! No curtains on the windows!! Our nearest neighbor is about one mile away.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last Day of Garbage Sale

I'm struggling to get myself moving to head into the last day of the sale. I've done really well and I think I've sold over $300 worth of garbage. Clothes mostly. Will update the amount after we count the proceeds at the end of the day today.
Came home last night and sat in the hot tub for about an hour. My ankles and knees were screaming from standing on the cement all day.
Will post pictures next week, but I'm sure I will be playing catch up tomorrow unpacking what didn't sell and straightening up the house. (Happy Mothers Day to me!)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Garbage Day and Isla Ticket

So this afternoon the garbage sale begins. I'm not anywhere near ready....there are still things left in the house!! Oh well, guess we'll have to have another one later in the summer. I'm really curious to see if we have as good of a turnout as in previous years with the economy and gas prices the way they are. I'll bring my camera and take pictures. The funny thing is that the house we have the sale at, in Rochester, is the house Biggy B and I owned, then sold to a friend who then sold it to another friend. Always have a place in town to have our sales.

I booked a ticket to Isla for two weeks from today!!! Was watching the prices and a 9 day round trip finally came down to $339 (included taxes).

I worked all day yesterday on "the project." Felt good by the end of the day that I had accomplished quite a bit. I'm getting so excited about the end result!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Struggle With Self

Self and I are having a mental struggle this morning. I want to read everyone's daily blogs, go to my favorite web sites to read up and basically search flight prices, but (there's always a but) self says I have to get ready for my big day.
Jerm, our youngest son who is in 10th grade, has to be on the bus at 7:30am. I usually wake him up at 6:30am. This becomes my daily exercise of going up and down the stairs to get him out of bed. After about the sixth time I figure I've had cardio and leg work out.
Then, leave for Rochester, which is 22 miles away to take my parents to the airport. They are leaving for a month long trip to Germany. Be there by 8am.
Then race over to our rental property to show a vacant apartment at 9am. My favorite tenant moved out, but luckily he paid for the month of May because he hadn't given me the 30 day notice. Being a landlord isn't my favorite job, but the property is a "cash cow" and part of our retirement/Isla plan so I'll deal with it.
Then to the office to work on "my project." Top secret for now, but will be revealed within the next month.
Then off to a meeting at 1pm for "the project."
And the sunrise coming through my window is beautiful this morning. At least it's a sunrise. Seems all we have had lately is rain and clouds. We live on 40 acres in the country and the peace and quiet of the mornings are my favorite. Coffee, computer, everyone still sleeping. Now if Self would just go back to bed I could stay on the computer.
Serene Morning

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Update on Garbage Sale

It's been a profitable Saturday morning. Two friends just stopped by and bought $150 USD worth of clothing from my dining room table. Yeh!!!!! They even brought their own wine and beer. Gotta love Garbage Sales, even if it hasn't officially started yet.
Self and I had to have a long talk when cleaning out the closet....I said, "self, if you ever fit back into those size four shorts you will want to buy a new updated pair." Forty something still sometimes wishes she were twenty something!!
I think Biggy B is going to hide my passport; I'm 1/2 way to a ticket to Isla and the sale hasn't even officially begun.

Creating this Blog

After starting to read Wayne's Blog a few months back and then starting to read all the blogs linked on his blog, I have decided to start a blog. I have to find a way to get into these "secret" blogger meetings, plus I want to start documenting the next few years of our dream to move to Isla. Until then we will travel back and forth and spend most of the winters there.
It will take me a while to get things started as I am preparing for a garage sale (garbage sale) for next weekend.
Biggy B (as I now call hubbie) is afraid I am going to sell it all and hop a plane to Isla. That might take a few garbage sales, posts on ebay and estate sales because we have a lot of garbage and Biggy B seems to be a pack rat!! He's safe for a little while!!
He did go through his closet and pull out some shirts that he says he can't wear because I shrunk them. He can't admit that his abs are not a "six pack" anymore, but Ok, I'll take the blame.