Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am such a bad mom. My boys have not had professional pictures taken of them since they were about 3 years old. (Besides Joshua's graduation pictures in 2006)

So last night my neighbor Joy, who takes pictures of her kids every year, and I decided to do a photo shoot in some of our beautiful neighborhood surroundings. These are just a sample of the ones I took with my camera. I haven't been able to view Joys yet, but I am sure she has some awesome ones. Joshua was not home from work yet, so we will have to have another shoot when he is available.

This is probably my favorite. Jeremy sitting down by the creek.

Then a serious pose.

Of course, Angel had to get in the action.

Then we took some up in our yard on the big boulders that seperate the 50 foot drop into the old quarry.
Hacker, our cat, wanted to get in the action too.

Then Jeremy's girlfriend wanted him to do a seductive pose. She wanted him to take his shirt off, but mom wouldn't have any part of that!!

And then, of course, one with the girlfriend.

I did figure out that lighting is important. Can't wait to see Joy's pictures and take another shoot with Joshua and Jeremy together. Maybe we will go all out and do a family picture.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've Become Obsessed!!

I've become obsessed with power walking, dieting and losing weight. It all started a few months ago when I looked at pictures of myself and was appalled at what was staring back at me.
Since then I have started power walking 2.5 miles per day, usually with a 3 pound weight in each hand and sometimes with ankle weights on. I have cut out all fried foods, which in itself is a miracle. I eat lots of veggies, sliced tomatoes and Slim Fast Shakes.
So far I have lost 13 pounds, but seem to be at a stand still right now. Not gaining, not losing. This morning my neighbor, Joy, who probably gets sick of me calling her to walk with me every day, told me to add more protein in the morning. Maybe a bagel with peanut butter.
This picture is looking back from my 1/2 way mark of my walk. I have pulled two hills. About 1 mile.
This picture shows Joy walking up to meet me at this 1/2 way mark. She lives at the farm just behind her on the left.
Angel, my German Shepard, knows the routine. When she sees me bend over for me tennis shoes she can hardly contain herself. Her walk consists of swims in the creek, chasing up pheasants and running through the corn fields.

I feel much better these days and seem to be in a better mood. My goal is to lose 20 more pounds before this winter and Isla!! Then to maintain the exercise and healthy eating.

Friday, August 22, 2008

7 Facts About Joshua

CancunCanuck unofficially tagged me with facts about my kids. Here are seven facts about Joshua, my oldest son that you probably do not know.

1. Joshua is an Aries child, his birthday is on April 9th. He is my first born son. He is the silent, quiet, artistic type. He was not always that way. When he was two he was kicked out of daycare for being to "independent." Joshua loves to draw, try playing different instruments and read books. He drives one of our trucks all summer, working 14 hour days at times. Not bad work ethic for a 20 year old.

2. When Joshua was 3 years old he was obsessed with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." He would study every man hold cover and say, "Mom, there are Ninja Turtles down there." He hoped that when his little brother was born that he would be a Ninja Turtle. Needless to say, when he came to visit him in the hospital he said with a little disappointment in his voice, "OHHHH, it's a baby?!?"

3. Joshua says he is never getting married and never having kids. I think he was tramatized on the school bus in high school by little kids. He says that if a doctor would do a vasectomy on him now he would do it. Told him I would sue the doctor. (He's only 20 and I want grandkids some day)

4. He loves chinese food. The chinese restaurant knows him by name and order. I'm only known there as Joshua's Mom.

5. He loves swords, knives and dragons. He just ordered a violin off ebay because it had a dragon scroll on it. The violin is suppose to come via UPS today. He says he is going to teach himself to play. I really hope he sticks with it.

6. He would live in the mountains as a hermit if he could have Mountain Dew delivered on a daily basis, electricity for his computer games and cell phone coverage to call his cousin.

7. His eyes are as blue as the Ocean. He gets them from his biological father, who died when Joshua was six years old.
Joshua on left, My Great Niece in the middle and me on the right. We were comparing eye color.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Jeremy's Peru Missions Trip

I thought I would share some pictures of my son, Jeremy's, mission trip to Peru last week. Everything went well, no luggage was lost, they made every connecting flight and no one was hurt.
Jeremy was in the group whose destination was Cusco, Peru. Elevation 11,500 feet. I was mostly worried about his asthmas being at the high altitude, but no problems.

Jeremy did say that they have a type of tea to help with altitude sickness. Made from the Cocoa plant, which by the way is the same plant that cocaine comes from. The tea does not give a person any kind of high, but everyone was told that if they were tested for drugs, it would show up positive for cocaine.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful scenery.

The group was able spend one day visiting some Inca Ruins. Jeremy thought it would be funny to take a picture that would give his mom a heart attack!!
Part of the ruins
One afternoon was spent digging a ditch for new water lines.
He made friends with two of the boys at the seminary. They thought he was really tall....Jeremy thought they were really short.
He also made friends with the local puppies.
Their last full day was spent in Lima. When touring around, the group found a sign that they still have not figured out what it means.
It was out on the street with no television in sight.
I believe Jeremy's life was changed by this trip. He is a 16 year old with a big heart and a proud mom.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Early Morning Fog

Yesterday we had a really nice rain shower during the day, which helped out out lawn.
Today we woke up to a pretty heavy fog.

Looking out of the garage at the sun rise

Looking past the yard over the quarry.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brunette or Blonde?

I'm having another hair crisis!!! Last October I colored my hair back to a brunette/auburn look. Now Biggy B wants me to go back blonde. I'm looking for some opinions. Blonde definately takes more maintenance, but brunette shows the grey faster!!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Off to Peru

No, not me, but my little boy!! I dropped our youngest son, Jeremy, off at the church at 3am this morning for a missions trip to Cusco, Peru. I, mom, had to fight back the tears, as I watched my 16 year old little boy (5'9" Not so little) go with our church group to Peru.
Today I am a proud, but nervous, mom!! Their flight schedule has them changing planes four times and some are less than one hour lay overs. I pray they have a safe journey and make a difference to the people of Peru.

Jeremy is the one standing in the back right hand side. His head is the tallest one in the picture.

Jeremy and mom (me) after church last Sunday.

Jeremy and his grandpa (my daddy). Grandpa is helping him learn how to tie a windsor knot in his ties.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Bamboo For Sale

I received an email from Dedsy and Rob, who own Bamboo, asking me to post something about their Restaurant "Bamboo" on Isla being for sale. Here is the email I received:
Is a Bar-Restaurant with 3000 square feet (in/out side dinning) is located on the Hidalgo street, where everything happens at night. It comes with everything ready to work including the licenses of liquor, business, health department, etc. With an option in getting the company Isla Riviera.
It has a capacity of 120 people, a main bar of 12 meters long with mirrors and rack for the bottles of liquor and a small bar of 5 meters with a wine rack with capacity for 300 bottles of wine. (The small bar used to be for the sushi)
In the kitchen there’s a stove with 10 burners, plancha, grill, microwave, salamander, fryer and refrigerators. Stainless steel appliance, storage room with coolers and freezers (and of course, pans, pots, knifes, boards, spoons, cups, dishes etc…)
The restaurant has been open for 7 years. Has sound system, TV’s, projector, sky, DVD, internet. Phone line, Plus a ATM (Which brings lots of people)
The rent is $2800 US p/month with new owners it will go 10% up and contract for 2, 3 years, depends, deal what you need to make with the owners. Water bill is $100 usd, electricity bill $1500 usd per two months.
The price is $350,000 USD. We can do in house financing with 40% down, the rest in yearly payments.
We are open for any proposal, or different deals. I hope this information can be helpful. If you still have more questions please let me know.
If you think that this is kind of plain letter, I know for sure you can make it better. Besides you know more things about what is going on Bamboo like the live music, how is the life down here, and you have plany pictures from it, etc..
You can make publicity anyway you think it can be good, thank very much.Talk to you soon.
If you have any questions you can email Dedsy at

Here are a few pictures I have from Bamboo. Mostly people pictures because I am a people person!!

Rob and His daughter

New Year's Eve

January 2008

Rob and Biggy B

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Sunrise After the Storm

Yesterday my youngest son and I sat in the living room and watched a huge Thunderstorm pass just to the South of us. We weren't sure if it was going to hit us or not, but prepared by unplugging all the computers and rubbing the dog down with bounce. Yes, we have learned that she stays calmer from the electrostatic shocks of lightning if we rub her down with bounce.
Here is the huge thunderheads we watched pass by from our living room.
We don't have a basement so we were prepared to take cover in our Master Bedroom closet, being that it is in the middle of the house. There had been some tornado warnings and high winds, over 70 MPH, in the area.
Luckily, all passed to the South and we ended up with just a little rain.
This morning, I woke up to this:

Off to try and get the little chipmunk rodent that is lurking in the laundry room of the rental property!! (No, I have not caught him yet) The least he could do is my laundry for his free stay!!!