Monday, July 28, 2008

A Real Job

Biggy B had made a statement about a month ago that has stuck in my head. He said, "You need to go and get a real job."

I guess the jobs, plural, that I do now aren't real, to him anyway.

I don't punch a time clock, which most of the time means I am never punched out.
I don't have a 401K, which means our retirement plan depends solely on us.
I don't have a dress code or wear those aweful pantyhose, which means I am free to wear what I want and don't get written up for wearing flip flops.
I don't make charts or graphs of my progress, quality control or employee production, which means that I control my progress. Some days are better then others.
I don't attend weekly meetings where everyone sits around and discusses the charts and graphs and whether or not the colors for each category should be changed. I do attend daily meetings with kids, husbands, doctors, dentists, tenants, bankers, etc. I'm thinking of making Biggy B a chart in my favorite bright colors.
I don't have set vacation time, which means I am on call 24/7, 365 days a year and usually take my job on vacation with me. Yes, I've received calls on the beach on Isla from tenants, subs, etc.

So what is my real job? Where do I begin?

I do all the book work, including weekly payroll, bills, taxes, etc, for our trucking business. And let's not forget running and getting parts when Biggy
B calls me during the day. I could get into a more detailed list, but you get the idea.
I run our seven plex, including maintenance, repairs, bills, dealing with tenants. I take calls from tenants 24/7. If I'm not home and Biggy B gets a call from them he has them call me on my cell phone.
I do all the household bills, the laundry, the yardwork, the cleaning and "some" of the cooking. I say "some" because I am not really that good of a cook, but I'm working on it.
I take care of all the kids doctor, dentist, school, church, sports calendars.
Last year I built a model home as a General Contractor, but still did all of the above.
I help my girlfriend with catering when she needs help. No, not the cooking part!!
I am working with a web site designer on unveiling a new web site on October 1st.

If I were to go get a "real job," I want to know how much it needs to pay to hire someone to take over my other jobs?!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

25 Year Class Reunion

This past weekend I helped to coordinate our 25 year class reunion. Graduating from a class of 558 people, only having two people plan it, fun was had by all.
A classmate of ours owns a bar with a great outdoor patio, beanbag toss area and volleyball area.

We kept it casual and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I slept the day away on Sunday, have been playing catch up all week, working in my yard, taking pets to the vet and doing book work.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I just found out I won Heathers Mailing Contest!! Mapchick also won with her postcard. We get to pick a blog idea for Heather as our prize. Hmmmmm.
The last online contest I won I received this prize. Anyone remember how I won them? I’ll give you a hint…..It was from one of the Isla Message Boards.
My prize:

This weekend is our 25 Year Class Reunion. Biggy B and I graduated together so we have the same class reunion. High school sweethearts who broke up and found love again 17 years later!!
I have been involved in the planning of every class reunion since graduation and had vowed at the 20 year that I would not plan another….eat those words. Is there a class or workshop for "Just say no?"
Out of a class of 600, two of us are planning this one. Instead of doing a mailing we posted the event on
Last night the other organizer, Scott, and I had a meeting at his house to go over some last minute details. His dog, Norm, and I fell in love. We both love cervesas.

My next post will be next week after the reunion. Have a great weekend

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Contemplation

This past weekend was spent at the homestead. Saturday night we hosted a delayed fourth of July BBQ, complete with fireworks in the quarry. None of my fireworks pictures turned out though.

Even Angel, our German Shephard, invited a friend.
Angel was such a good host, bringing her friend a bone and then laying down next to her to watch over her.

Sunday was spent, by me, in my favorite place. The couch. I watched two movies and contemplated life. More on my contemplations later.
I started taking pictures of my view from the couch. The big picture window looked like a portrait of the sky.

The other picture window being the extension of the first portrait.

Straight in my line of sight from my favorite couch potato position.

And, of course, Angel on her "couch."

If I look up this is what I see. Twelve of the reindeer watching over me. When we built the house I had a special block put in across the whole loft so Biggy B could hang his trophies without looking for a stud.

Our boys were outside hard at work washing and greasing trucks. A Sunday tradition around here since they work on the job six days a week.

I scanned the garage and realized we have way too much "stuff."

The only two things we will not give up when we retire!!

You may ask where I am going with all of this, but you will have to wait. It's part of my contemplation issue from my Sunday on the couch.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Freedom Weekend

This past weekend we went to the 24th Annual Abate Freedom Rally in Algona, Iowa. What a party. About 30,000 Bikers on 123 Acres of land that the Abate of Iowa owns.
Biggy B getting ready to ride into Algona to the Harley Shop
Biggy B

Many people take freedom to a whole new level.

Us girls have fun dressing up in different themes every night. This night was school girl night and I was the Head Mistress.
The School Girls & Head Mistress

Then on Saturday night I had my first "ink" done in honor of my favorite place...Isla
My girlfriends brother is a Tattoo artist and he had a booth set up. What an artist.
Brenda's First Tattoo

The finished product.
All Finished

The worst, or should I say painful, part about the tattoo is the outline. Once that is done it isn't so bad. OK, not as painful. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

After that was done we went up to watch Joe Diffie. He sings "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox When I Die." What a great concert.
Algona Band Shelter

We are already looking forward to next year's 25th Annual Freedom Rally.
Freedom isn't Free. Many men and women have faught for our freedom and for that I say Thank You!!