Monday, July 28, 2008

A Real Job

Biggy B had made a statement about a month ago that has stuck in my head. He said, "You need to go and get a real job."

I guess the jobs, plural, that I do now aren't real, to him anyway.

I don't punch a time clock, which most of the time means I am never punched out.
I don't have a 401K, which means our retirement plan depends solely on us.
I don't have a dress code or wear those aweful pantyhose, which means I am free to wear what I want and don't get written up for wearing flip flops.
I don't make charts or graphs of my progress, quality control or employee production, which means that I control my progress. Some days are better then others.
I don't attend weekly meetings where everyone sits around and discusses the charts and graphs and whether or not the colors for each category should be changed. I do attend daily meetings with kids, husbands, doctors, dentists, tenants, bankers, etc. I'm thinking of making Biggy B a chart in my favorite bright colors.
I don't have set vacation time, which means I am on call 24/7, 365 days a year and usually take my job on vacation with me. Yes, I've received calls on the beach on Isla from tenants, subs, etc.

So what is my real job? Where do I begin?

I do all the book work, including weekly payroll, bills, taxes, etc, for our trucking business. And let's not forget running and getting parts when Biggy
B calls me during the day. I could get into a more detailed list, but you get the idea.
I run our seven plex, including maintenance, repairs, bills, dealing with tenants. I take calls from tenants 24/7. If I'm not home and Biggy B gets a call from them he has them call me on my cell phone.
I do all the household bills, the laundry, the yardwork, the cleaning and "some" of the cooking. I say "some" because I am not really that good of a cook, but I'm working on it.
I take care of all the kids doctor, dentist, school, church, sports calendars.
Last year I built a model home as a General Contractor, but still did all of the above.
I help my girlfriend with catering when she needs help. No, not the cooking part!!
I am working with a web site designer on unveiling a new web site on October 1st.

If I were to go get a "real job," I want to know how much it needs to pay to hire someone to take over my other jobs?!


Calypso said...

Ouch! Me thinks Biggy B will come to regret that comment - if he already hasn't.

We men carelessly spew comments we live to regret not having taken into account the more sensitive nature of our better halves - oooops!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Calypso...First, thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.
Biggy B hasn't made a comment regarding my "real job" search for a week now.
I quickly learned a parting line every time he calls me to ask me to go in search of a part, or run an errand. "Remember when I have a real job I won't be able to do this."

islagringo said...

And just what does Biggy B do?? Maybe you should list out a job title for each of the jobs you do, hand it to him and ask him to write a want ad for each one since all those jobs you do will have to be replaced by somebody else! Maybe he can figure out payroll for these people too!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Wayne..Thanks for the great ideas. I'm off to the Rental Property this morning to trap a chipmunk that found its way into the laundry room.

Anonymous said...

Yes, see what Brian would have to pay someone to do everything you do for him. lol! I bet it would be more than he would ever guess. Isn't it true that because of all you do he gets to spend more time on Isla and dive?
Good thing you have a great marriage.

Isla Deb said...

Great post...I can relate. Since I was laid off a month ago, I've done a lot of "reflecting" on what I've done all my life. My resume would realistically be about 10 pages long. And the ideal resume should only be one page?? I guess I could always use 2 pt. font!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Jackie...Brian, aka Biggy B, does work hard in our trucking business all summer long. He does get all winter off and does get to spend it on his "adventures" in Mexico and Isla.
Deb..2 font resume.LOL I am getting to the point of bifocals myself!!
PS...No chipmunk yet, but going back over today!! I have a tenant that puts food outside. Have to get her to stop before I have every chipmunk in Rochester living outside the rental.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

trixie, when I was working,someone made a comment about me getting a "real job" I replied,I do have a real job.
1. I get paid "real" money.
2. I do "real" work.
3. I deal with "real" people
4. and at the end of the day,I am "real" tired.


perhaps, biggy B thinks that you have an imaginary job? what's next imaginary friends?