Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Post While on Isla

Ok...Deb made me look bad. She was posting updates from Isla. I don't usually use the computer too much for posting when I am on Isla.
I took off for Isla on May 22nd and returned back to Minnesota on May 31st. The weather was hot, hot, hot!! The island was hopping with military as Isla was preparing for a visit from the President of Mexico on Sunday, June 1st.
I usually rode by the airport on a daily basis. These guys would wave at me every day.
The helicopters would fly over the apartment and sound like they were ready to land right on the roof. Makes for a loud wake up alarm!! There was a continuous back and forth between the big carrier ships and the airport strip. The best one was when they delivered a car by helicopter.
Helicopter Moving Supplies
The pilots of the helicopters usually stood near their rides while on the ground.
Guarding the Helicopter
I did a lot of walking, riding bike and taking the golf cart around the island. Went to places I had never been before and down streets I had never driven.
After a 20 minute light downpour this is what I spotted. (Isla needed the rain) Made me think of what the flooding is like after all the rain from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.
After a Rain
I will post random thoughts and posts as the days go by, but now I am back to reality!! Dealing with renters who don't pay rent, don't give appropriate notices for moving out and leaving the apartment trashed!!!


wayne said...

I have the answer to your question about resizing photos all set to send...except I don't have your email! Shoot me an email so I have it and can help you out. Thanks.

P.S. Where's the helicopter in the picture?

jamqueen said...

Another blog to add to my list to read! That's great....can't wait to read more

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Brenda. Lots of good photos for sure.
Next week I will be on Sanibel Island, FL and plan on blogging from there. I will have wifi at the cottages I am staying and since I am traveling solo that will give something to do in the evenings after dinners out.

Islaholic Trixie said... address is
I think the picture is sooooo big that the helicopter doesn't show up, or was it that I was focusing on the pilot?lol
jamqueen, thanks for reading. Hope I can keep up with the random posts through this crazy week of mine.
jackie, have fun on Sanibel. I traveled solo this trip, but don't have internet in the apartment yet, but will by next winter!