Friday, June 13, 2008

The Tree

Scanning the property, my eyes focus in on every tree. Each limb that might be in the way of a new home, every branch that would block our view of the setting sun across the Cancun skyline. Each root that would have to be removed for a pool.
Before we meet with the men who will clear the land I need to decide if there are any trees I want saved from their machete.
At the back side of the property my eye focus in on "the tree.” For some reason this tree catches my attention. The light from the blue sky radiates dimly through its limbs. “I will save you” I told the tree. Some day my grandchildren may sit on your branches when they visit. They will watch the changing colors of the sunset across the sky through your branches. We will have picnics in your cooling shade. I will watch you grow as I watch my grandchildren grow. Yes, you are “the tree.”


Steve Cotton said...

I often am amazed at the coincidence of blog posts. I started one last night about the tree that is the center of focus in my back yard. As often happens, the post is morphing, but we all seem to have true affinity with trees.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this for the 2nd time as much as I did when you first posted it on a MB. I am really looking forward to seeing you and Brian build your home and complete your dream.