Monday, June 30, 2008

Catering a Wedding to Death

My friend K, who owns a restaurant/bar and catering business, had me help her cater a wedding reception this past Saturday.
She has one of the neatest mottos for her restuarant.

They happy bride and groom, both in their 70's.

The plaque the new bride and groom have on the front of their house.

Then yesterday Biggy B got called out for the Search and Rescue team. He packed his dive gear and was off pretty fast. Body recovery for a suicide. I never know what is going on until he gets back.
I couldn't help but think of my first husbands death. How many people suicide effects. Not only the family, but the law enforcement, the search and rescue volunteers and the community.
When B got home he said they recovered the body successfully. The K9 search and rescue dog located the body. He said the worst part was hearing the scream from, what he assumed was a family member, when they told her they had located the deceased and that he was in fact deceased.
What a tragedy.....that life in the mind of this 31 year old young man, was so awful that he could not bear it anymore.
Depression has affected my life, not only in the death of my first husband, but in family members and friends. It is hard to understand for a person who does not suffer from it. Since my husbands funeral, I had gone to two other friends funerals who died by suicide.
So my weekend went from celebrating new lives joined together to mourning a death of a young man I had never met.


1st Mate said...

Last night I learned the Spanish phrase for what your weekend was like: "altibajos" = "ups and downs"

The downs are going to come, regardless, but at least you can make some ups. Good for you, helping at the wedding. They look so euphoric!

wayne said...

Thank you for sharing that glimpse into your personal life. I'm sure it was not easy to write about it and dredge up those old memories. Depression is a terrible thing.

Islaholic Trixie said...

1st is about the altibajos. How we handle those ups and downs seems to be the key, at least in my life.
Wayne....I did a lot of writing after my husband died. Many stories that I will maybe share some day on my blog. A glimpse into the night he died and the days after. Depression is a terrible thing. Many people do not understand that it is a medical issue.

Anonymous said...

When someone kills themselves the left behind family and friends always feel guilty. Why didn’t I know? What could I have done to stop it? And on and on and on.
Thank you for sharing this message to all about depression.

Islaholic Trixie said...

Jackie....Went through all of those thoughts after my first husband committed suicide.

Babs said...

We have something in common - my husband took his own life at the age of 36. The impact on my kids, who were teenagers has been life long........such a waste!
And, for me, no one wanted to talk about it - that was 30 years ago!