Thursday, June 5, 2008

Being a Landlord

Biggy B and I own a seven plex in Minnesota. We bought it 2 1/2 years ago and have been trying to turn it around since then.
After this past month I'm ready to sell it.....or pray a natural disaster destroys it!!!
Before I left for my Isla trip I had to serve an eviction notice (to be out by May 31st) to one tenant who hadn't paid rent for the month of May and who all the previous months had bounced her rent checks and I was left trying to squeeze rent out of her. I've heard every excuse!!! On top of that, she was always "putting up" strays who didn't have a place to live.
When I got back last Saturday and went over to check on things Sunday she tested the last ounce of patience I had left. Still in the apartment!!! I lost it and told her she had better be out by the end of the day or I would change the locks and then she could go through the courts to get her "crap" back!! This was her response. "I have play practice today."
The next day I came back and the place was a disaster. Looked like she hadn't even wiped a counter off since she had been living there. She had the nerve to tell me she is a clean person!! I'd hate to see what her view of dirty is. Locks changed and I started cleaning yesterday with the help of a friend.
Then, on top of that one, I had a tenant email me a 5 day notice while I was on Isla. He had the nerve to ask for his deposit back. He left holes in the walls, looked like he sprayed pop all over the walls, an old mattress and an old TV left behind. Said he would be back this Friday to pick them up. Locks changed yesterday and everything in storage. Cleaned and started patching walls yesteday.
Today I am going back to finish cleaning and fixing!!!
All my friends have been asking me how my trip to Isla was and my only response has been, "I wish I had never come back."


jamqueen said...

Can sympathize with you on this. We have a 3 family that is next to the family business--lots of trouble. My husband actually had 2 more, but ended up tearing the homes down rather than rent them out!

Anonymous said...

I could never be a landlord! Too much of a hassle for most people Iknow who have been.

wayne said...

Ouch! We were landlords for years in Minnesota. I would strongly, very strongly, advise you to familiarize yourself with tenants rights. You could be sued for changing the locks and you would lose. You have to get a court order to really get them out and maybe even pay the Sheriff to evict. Tenants hold all the cards. Always, always get that deposit and make sure it is a security AND damage deposit. There is a difference. Good luck!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Wayne..the tenants moved out, but left their garbage. I need to get the place rented and cleaned up after the the locks are changed. I know I have to store their garbage for a certain length of time, which I am doing in the garage on the property.
Don't get me started on "tenant rights." It's a bunch of shit!! They have the right to destroy property and get away with it, not pay rent and basically become squatters!! Believe me, I've had the City Police help me evict tenants. One time my German Shepard helped me. I'm not afraid to go to court and in fact will be filing against these past two tomorrow. my soapbox, for a little while.

Brenda said...

Having rented places out in Canada and knowing what a pain in the butt it was, I sympathise with you. Hopefully the next tenants will be better.

wayne said...

Man, the horror stories we could share!