Saturday, May 3, 2008

Update on Garbage Sale

It's been a profitable Saturday morning. Two friends just stopped by and bought $150 USD worth of clothing from my dining room table. Yeh!!!!! They even brought their own wine and beer. Gotta love Garbage Sales, even if it hasn't officially started yet.
Self and I had to have a long talk when cleaning out the closet....I said, "self, if you ever fit back into those size four shorts you will want to buy a new updated pair." Forty something still sometimes wishes she were twenty something!!
I think Biggy B is going to hide my passport; I'm 1/2 way to a ticket to Isla and the sale hasn't even officially begun.


wayne said...

Nice start! I can sympathize with Biggy B's laundry problem! LOL! Just two pointers if you want people to read: post photos and link to other blogs or anything you find interesting. And don't forget to chronicle your life in Elgin as you go along. Not just the Isla-I-want-to-be-there stuff. I'll wait to see if you keep the blog up before I link to you. Congrats!

Steve Cotton said...

Congratulations on getting started -- on the blog and your move. I can empathize because I am going through everything you are: new blog, dreams of being in Mexico, trying to figure out what needs to be done to get there. I started my blog in December after one of my scouting trips south.

I fully agree with Wayne. Write about anything dealing with your life. People want to know the context of who you are in relationship with the Mexico move. For me: it is one year and counting before I head south.

Best of luck on both ventures.

Steve Cotton said...

One aditional point. I just added SiteMeter to my blog the first week in April, It will give you an idea who is looking at your blog. In one sense it is frustrating because it tells yuo there are a lot of people reading, but few leave comments.

Mimi said...

Welcome to the fold Brenda! Love the way you write, you now join my morning coffee clutch. I think, if I were Biggy B I would hide your passport too, sounds like your really jonesing for Isla, and who could blame you!
Loved your conversation with Self, cracked me up!