Thursday, May 8, 2008

Garbage Day and Isla Ticket

So this afternoon the garbage sale begins. I'm not anywhere near ready....there are still things left in the house!! Oh well, guess we'll have to have another one later in the summer. I'm really curious to see if we have as good of a turnout as in previous years with the economy and gas prices the way they are. I'll bring my camera and take pictures. The funny thing is that the house we have the sale at, in Rochester, is the house Biggy B and I owned, then sold to a friend who then sold it to another friend. Always have a place in town to have our sales.

I booked a ticket to Isla for two weeks from today!!! Was watching the prices and a 9 day round trip finally came down to $339 (included taxes).

I worked all day yesterday on "the project." Felt good by the end of the day that I had accomplished quite a bit. I'm getting so excited about the end result!!


Islagringo said...

So that would be the 22nd? Keep me posted via email.

Anonymous said...

I am goin gto be on Isla for the 3rd time this December.

I read Wayne and others - and know people he knows (Heather, Jonna and Mimi, for example).

I look forward to meeting all of you down there