Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Morning Struggle With Self

Self and I are having a mental struggle this morning. I want to read everyone's daily blogs, go to my favorite web sites to read up and basically search flight prices, but (there's always a but) self says I have to get ready for my big day.
Jerm, our youngest son who is in 10th grade, has to be on the bus at 7:30am. I usually wake him up at 6:30am. This becomes my daily exercise of going up and down the stairs to get him out of bed. After about the sixth time I figure I've had cardio and leg work out.
Then, leave for Rochester, which is 22 miles away to take my parents to the airport. They are leaving for a month long trip to Germany. Be there by 8am.
Then race over to our rental property to show a vacant apartment at 9am. My favorite tenant moved out, but luckily he paid for the month of May because he hadn't given me the 30 day notice. Being a landlord isn't my favorite job, but the property is a "cash cow" and part of our retirement/Isla plan so I'll deal with it.
Then to the office to work on "my project." Top secret for now, but will be revealed within the next month.
Then off to a meeting at 1pm for "the project."
And the sunrise coming through my window is beautiful this morning. At least it's a sunrise. Seems all we have had lately is rain and clouds. We live on 40 acres in the country and the peace and quiet of the mornings are my favorite. Coffee, computer, everyone still sleeping. Now if Self would just go back to bed I could stay on the computer.
Serene Morning


wayne said...

Nice post. So you live on 40 acres, near Rochester, in a corn field?? LOL! I can soooo identify with where you are right now. I was there 5 years ago!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Wayne..The corn field is 50 feet from the North end of our garage. About 300 feet to the South is about a 75 foot cliff. I'll post more pics. See you in a couple weeks. Hope we can meet up. I promise I won't walk down the middle of the road!!

Brenda said...

Nice photo. I used to live on an acreage in Canada before moving to Mexico. Loved the early morning quiet before the world got going.