Saturday, May 3, 2008

Creating this Blog

After starting to read Wayne's Blog a few months back and then starting to read all the blogs linked on his blog, I have decided to start a blog. I have to find a way to get into these "secret" blogger meetings, plus I want to start documenting the next few years of our dream to move to Isla. Until then we will travel back and forth and spend most of the winters there.
It will take me a while to get things started as I am preparing for a garage sale (garbage sale) for next weekend.
Biggy B (as I now call hubbie) is afraid I am going to sell it all and hop a plane to Isla. That might take a few garbage sales, posts on ebay and estate sales because we have a lot of garbage and Biggy B seems to be a pack rat!! He's safe for a little while!!
He did go through his closet and pull out some shirts that he says he can't wear because I shrunk them. He can't admit that his abs are not a "six pack" anymore, but Ok, I'll take the blame.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

I just found your blog. Welcome to blogdom and thanks for the link! The blogger meeting really wasn't much of a secret, you just probably started reading after it was announced (on a few blogs, mine included). Whenever I find a new blog, I try to go back and read all the posts. It gives me something to do during heat of the day LOL.

Brenda said...

Welcome to blogging. We also made the move to Mexico; although we are from Canada. We picked the other side of the country though on the Sea of Cortes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me so long to find your blog!! I'm going to read every entry RIGHT NOW. Work be damned.