Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Inner Being

The Inner Being
Feeling is over rated. When feeling better about yourself, someone will be there to knock you down. When trying to help in some way, you feel incomplete. When trying to love more, you feel loved less. When looking for friendship, you can’t find a friend. When looking for healing, you find your pain. When looking for forgiveness, you find your sins.
Secrets, fears…they will eat you up, never to let you slumber.
To feel the innocence of true love is to never have made a mistake.
The world expects too much to let go, to feel complete, to be totally free.
No guilt, no regrets, no fears….no life.
A life lived is not free. It is the inner being struggling to be accepted, loved and made whole. It shall never be.
(Written by Brenda Lamonica in 2008)


Doreese y Bince said...

Well, mi amiga….those are some deep feelings you’ve got going on there….just remember….

When someone knocks you down….pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back to living Your life.

When you feel imcomplete….look at your family and loved ones.

When you’re looking for a friend…..know that you always have one in me.

Pain, forgiveness and sins… what makes us human.

You’re right….”no guilt, no regrets, no fears…no life”. We all have them. It’s how you react to them and learn from the experience, good or bad, that makes you grow.

Most important…’Never Forget the Pleasure of the Journey”

Hugs….see you in 217 more sleeps ☺

Steve Cotton said...

It is simply good to see you again.

Jana said...

I really like this. Obviously written during a time of difficulty and introspect. Been there. Good writing.