Sunday, February 28, 2010

Isla Spay and Neuter Clinic

These are just a few of the cats that were trapped for the Spay and Neuter Clinic last Wednesday thru Friday. I was able to help the volunteers trap six cats, who live behind our Isla apartment.
These young people are spending their days rescueing the animals of Isla and finding them homes in the US through Pet Project Rescue. This mom and her pup were rescued on Thursday of last week. They will be Spayed, checked out, treated by the vet and fostered by Allison of Animal Rescue until they are flown to the US.

This is one of the many cats who lives on the patio of Delfino's Vet Clinic. Many hours are spent each day cleaning dishes, feeding cats, cleaning litter boxes, washing towels and surgical gowns.

This little kitty had not eaten in a few days. He or she (I wasn't sure) had lost it's mommy or been abandoned. Just one of the many tasks I did during the day days I volunteered.

So if you are on Isla and would like to make a difference, volunteer your time or make a donation to Delfino's Clinic. He is an Angel to the Isla animals.

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Moongrl722 said...

Working to keep down the stray population of the island is great work! My heart goes out to the stray animals there and I go around feeding them in the evenings when I'm there. I'm terribly in love with the little calico girl who lives on the North end of Hidalgo. :) The baby you were feeding was so tiny!!