Friday, February 26, 2010

The Rewards of Volunteering

These past few days have been some of the most rewarding experiences for me this week. Brian and I have been volunteering every night at Jax. (Thanks J & S for having a busy week!) A first annual fishing tournament with the proceeds going to help the Little Yellow School House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Here are just a few of the photos I have taken in the past two nights while helping with the videotaping. You must understand that I am a Country Music Junkie. I grew up on Country Music and love it to this day!!
Phil Vassar brought the place down on Wednesday night (And brought me to my knees). Played for four straight hours!! One lady, who shall remain unnamed, paid $2000 USD to get on stage and sing with Phil Vassar. (Not Marla...she got to sing with him anyway) A guitar, signed by Kenny Chesney, went for $1000 USD.
This Print was presented to Phil in appreciation for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and help out the children of Isla. He was flying out to Australia early Thursday morning and didn't even leave Jax until after 1am!! Now that is a big heart!!
Oh yea!!!

Last night Tim Nichols, Tim Johnson, James Dean Hicks and Will Robinson, all songwriters for Country Music, took stage. I think everyone was a little worn out from the night before and Tim knew it. They were all still amazing and will take stage again tonight. Hopefully everyone will be a little more rested to enjoy their amazing music.
I was again on my knees for Tim Nichols, who ended the show with his hit song, "Live Like You Were Dying." Brought tears to my eyes.

I volunteered yesterday at the Spay and Neuter Clinic and will again this morning. I am saving that for a seperate post.


Jamqueen said...

It's great that these things are happening on Isla & you are there & able to help out! Very rewarding I'm sure!

Life's a Beach! said...

Brenda, it's great to do something so rewarding and have so much fun while you're doing it! I like country music too. Live Like You Were Dying is one of my faves! Wish I'd been there!

Anonymous said...

Great! Volunteering and having fun at the same time. It doesn't get better than that.