Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Hour at Casa Sirena

The Chica's were all invited to Casa Sirena for Happy Hour. What a treat. Steve is a wonderful Host and has such a beautiful Bed and Breakfast. He had just finished some major renovations. I will give you a picture tour.

The beautiful Statue by the roof top pool.

This picture almost looks like a postcard.

The main back garden area. We ended up down here instead of the roof top bar because of the high winds.

The New Roof Top Bar...Notice the wind blowing Steve's Shirt. What great views from this beautiful area.

Me and Steve.

Daniel, Kathryn and Steve

Steve had ChuCho's new CD "Bonanza" playing as background music and had invited ChuCho to come and sell his CD's. Here he is signing one of his first sales....I, of course, received the first CD!!

The Chica Group by the pool, with Daniel, Steve and ChuCho

Mother and Son...Serogate

The rooms are beautiful.

After the party at Casa Sirena we all went downtown to continue the party. I stopped at Bamboo to say hello to Rob.

Then we all met over at Faynes. Dr Salas was dancing and having a great time.

And Daniel was.....making new friends!!

It was another great day...full of more ab (laughing) work outs.


Doug (aka Doogan) said...

Having a great time, and I am sitting in the Great White North awaiting a seasons first winter storm.(If the weatherman is right).

Where is Casa Sirena located? Looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

Nice tour of Casa Sirena.I have yet to make it there. Maybe next trip I will.

Moongrl722 said...

You're killing me! Steve and Daniel are two of my favorite people!!! Love those guys. We stay with Steve often, he's an excellent host and Casa Sirena is absolutely gorgeous.

Jan C said...

That WAS a great night, much laughter, aka ab workouts!

Casa Sirena is simply beautiful and Steve is the consummate host. Doogan, it is about 1/2 block south of the square and basketball court.

Laura said...

Great night:)
I loooooove Casa Sirena, (can't wait to stay there somrday) and Steve & Daniel and all of my chica friends!

Wandie said...

What fun that night was!!
Would love, love to stay their sometime. Still can't believe we passed up the opportunity.oh well.

Steve has done an incredible job with Casa Sirena. It is stunning!