Thursday, November 20, 2008

Waking up on Isla Part 1

After a good night sleep I was up and ready for my walk. No arm weights, so it's time to improvise. Two large bottles of water from the mini super!! I'm off!! Through Centro, down Juarez, past the back side of the Navy Base and out the airport strip. Doing my arm exercises along the way, with two large bottles of water!

What a great morning to walk. Not too hot and it's not raining....yet!!
New Mosque looking building being build on East side of Airport Strip.

On the way back to the apartment, I decide to stop and take pictures of Centro Area and the New Malecon.
Statues to the South of The Hospital.
As I walked back to the "Sea Wall" I sat and watched to waves, trying to guess when they would break. The wind is picking up today....again and it looks like it could rain at any time.
When inspecting the new lamp posts on the Walkway, I notice how the salt air has already corroded the metal posts. They are only about 6 months old!! Being a Contractor, my mind starts thinking of better materials that could have been used for these posts. (Brick, stone, etc.)
View to the South, towards the RocaMar
View to the North towards the now closed Perla Del Caribe
The benches along the walk-way are very nice and great places to enjoy the ocean, except for one thing......They should face the water!! Oh well, With my feet dangling over the edge of the wall, I sit and enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing and the smell of the sea air.
I would normally be down by the water in search of shells or sea glass, but the waves are crashing to close and high to risk it today. Instead, I will just enjoy the moment.
After my quiet solitude, I stroll back to the apartment, make some coffee and finish unpacking, start some cleaning and organizing. Steve the plumber and handyman extroidinaire, is going to come over today and help me with some projects....He doesn't even know what he is in for!!
I decide to go and have coffee with Steve and Jeri and call Biggy B. This becomes my morning routine.
La Vida Dulce Casitas. Two newly remodeled suites in the Centro area. Suite Number two is towards the back, away from the street.
The living room has a big couch, dining room table, TV area.
Kitchenette has a toaster, coffee pot, Microwave/Pizza oven, refrigerator, and is complete with dishes.
Off of the kitchen is a 1/2 Bath with sink and toilet.
The bedroom has a queen size bed, A/C, dresser and night stands
The full bathroom has double sinks and toilet and a full closet area
And a seperate room with shower area.
Unit Number one is on the street side. This is the unit I stayed in on my two night extension!! I never heard any noise from the street!!
kitchenette has snack bar/eating area complete with bar stools.
Living room has Couch, Chair, TV area
Bedroom, again complete with Queen Size Pillowtop Mattress, Dresser and Nightstands, A/C. Closet area for the room is in the bedroom.
Full Bathroom with Shower, sink, toilet and shelves for keeping all the necessities.
Outside of the units they have a sitting area for guests with shelves of books, a phone for free calls to the US, Canada, Landlines to England and Ireland. There is an entry door from the street, which is locked every night. The room entry doors are inside of this gate.
Steve and Jeri are on-site managers and do all of their own cleaning, etc., so security is not an issue at all!!

After coffee and the tour of La Vida Dulce Casitas, it's time to get back to my own apartment and get some work done!!

Part 2 Coming!!


Jamqueen said...

The malecon looks great--I agree about the benches! Can't wait to be sitting along in the early morning myself! Only 2 more months...

Life's a Beach! said...

You have to wonder who does the designing on those public projects on Isla? I guess that's a rhetorical question since we probably know how that works. The benches in the square were built for giants (try sitting back on one)and there aren't enough places to sit now. The lamp posts and benches on the malecon just seem typical of the square fiasco, but at least it's a wonderful walkway. Jeri and Steve's apartments look wonderful! Congrats to them!
Glad you'll be getting your Isla fix again soon! :)


Laura said...

Wish I would have brought my "good" walking shoes to walk with you. The rubber on my flip flops is thinner though :)

Islagringo said...

I always get a kick out of seeing Isla through other people's eyes.

I'm working on a post dealing with the busts around Isla.

Isla Deb said...

Great pics as usual! I really think I'm going to stay at Jeri and Steve's casitas when I'm there next would be great to have a kitchen and little seating area. Only six more months! :-/