Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Change of Plans

Well, after much talk, we decided to wait until February for our road trips. We kept hearing that Merida was even colder than Isla! So, we're going to do more research and planning!

We have finally bought our tickets back to Minnesota for this Sunday. I do miss the boys and my Angel, so am looking forward to seeing them. The great thing is that I know I will be back in 2 or 3 weeks!! Maybe I won't cry on the ferry this time...NOT!

We have had such a great time riding our bikes around the island in the morning. I have collected so much sea glass and some great shells. One great Coral Statue that Biggy B carried in his basket from mid island! I love him!!

Friday and Saturday nights are going to be a treat for us! Our room mate is coming in with her boyfriend to use the apartment, so Biggy B is treating me to a two night stay at Hotel Kinich, the new hotel above El Sol Golf Carts. Can't wait!! We did check into staying at Privelege Aluxes, but at $160 USD per person per night....No thanks!!
The weather turned around and has been wonderful. Many beach days. Finally finished reading "The Shack" yesterday, with tears running down my cheeks!! What a moving book!!
Things we've beeen doing: A wonderful visit with Wayne and B, A happy hour at Casa Sirena, A birthday party at Miguels, Coffee on El Patio with J&S, A Fish Fry this afternoon with German.......Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Thanks to all of you for your nice comments on my previous post. I will try not to disappoint you and keep you up to date.


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Mermaids Purse said...

Hi Brenda,
I've seen House Hunter's International about Isla and Merida. Very intriguing. Do you have a preference yet. How are the locals there and what is the crime rate. You can tell I'm curious also. Pockets full of sea glass? Okay, I'm jealous! I love sea glass. Did you find a piece that absolutely wowed you? If you you'd like to wear your special memory around your neck or wrist, I'd be happy to make a custom necklace and or bracelet for you. Living in Southern California we find sea glass also and my friends (men and women) have me make something special for them. Just a thought. Check out my site to see if you like my work. Fair Winds and Calm Seas, Deborah Leon

Islagringo said...

We'll be out and about Friday night. Hope to run into you to say goodbye!