Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Party on The Roof

Because I did not keep a journal, I am going to just hit a few different highlights from my October trip to Isla.
The next highlight was the party that Steve and Jeri threw up on their roof. ChuCho played the music, Steve and Jeri provided food and mix and everyone brought some food and something to drink..........lets get this party started.

ChuCho's Biggest Fan that night was little Max, Sergio and Charissa's Cutie!! He danced to the music and had a great time.

Sergio is such a great dad.

ChuCho's Mama came for the party too. Ok, she gave birth to him, but I am his serogate Mama!! All kidding aside, I love her!!!

Our wonderful Host and Hostess, Steve and Jeri

After someone, you know who you are, tried to drain the pool....LOL....we decided to head over to Miguel's Moonlite. What night would be complete without going to Miguel's?

I know I took a bunch of pictures at Miguels, but my camera had been overserved, so there were only a couple that didn't have the shakes!!!
Mapchick and Steve. I believe this picture was taken after we all signed the Iowa T-Shirt on the wall. Of course, "Iowa, eats Minnesota." If you visit Miguel's and look for this T-Shirt, it will all become clear.


Life's a Beach! said...

That's the first time I've seen a picture of Max! What a cutie! Looks like a great time Brenda! :)

Jan C said...

What a fun night that was....great hosts, great food, great music, great guests (LOL)!

Sergio is an amazing daddy, watching him with Max was a delight!

Jan C said...

P.S. I think there are some members of the "Sisterhood" that are pretty happy your camera got overserved :-).

Wanda said...

Someone tried to drain the pool.hmmm, wonder who that was.

Sergio is a wonderful Dad. It was a joy to watch him with Max!!!

That was such an awesome time up on the roof. I will never forget it. Wonderful memories!!

We ended up at Miguel's more than a couple times...if I remember correctly.

Yep, I be happy your camera got overserved!!!

Anonymous said...

Max is getting big. Then again it was April when I saw him.